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Netcoin Net Has A Category Forum at

Netcoin Net

Netcoin Net Has A Category Forum at

I am pleased to announce that Netcoin Net now has a category Board Forum at

The Netcoin Net forum is given a full category board all its own, and that means that the Netcoin forum is always visible on the home page at

I even managed to put a Netcoin image as the background of that forum, and I think it looks neato.
So far, the response has been very positive from people involved with netcoin, and a big thank you to bigj and snappysnap from Netcoin for stopping by to put some Netcoin information into the netcoin forum at

Thank you very much

Good day

To get started with Netcoin, and/or for even more information about Netcoin Net, please visit the main Netcoin Net website at:

There is also lots of information at the Netcoin Forum


The Smartcoin Avatar Design Contest Is A Big Success

The Smartcoin Avatar Design Contest Is A Big Success

In the Smartcoin Avatar Design Contest,
I was just looking for some new designs for avatars at bitcointalk, but got:

1- SmartCards

2- Smarty & SmartyPants mascots for Smartcoin

3- The first Smartcoin Comic Strip

I think those ideas are absolutely excellent for smartcoin, but need work going forwards to develop those ideas more

All those ideas are in the picture below, it is the banner at the Smartcoin Forum now, and also at the twitter @simplysmartcoin

It is my hope that Smartcoin and the smartcoin community are excited about the future of smartcoin!

Smartcoin is all about people and community
Smartcoin is all about people. It is the people involved with Smartcoin who make smartcoin what it is,
or what it will become; but last year, when the original dev departed, much of the smartcoin community also left.

But another developer named psionin took over,
and skillfully changed smartcoin from a scrypt to X11 coin.

It is a big plus to have psionin working part-time for smartcoin, but I/we hope there will be full time work from either psionin or developers in the future.

Nowadays, Smartcoin is Growing Again

Nowadays, smartcoin is attracting new people, and it is my hope that people will like smartcoin, and invest or mine smartcoins, and use their own talents to help smartcoin to become a more widely used and accepted currency.

For example: I invested some of my energy, money and time to manage the Smartcoin Avatar Design Contest, and that is my way of helping smartcoin, but i know that when more people are doing more work for smartcoin, then greater things will be accomplished.

Keywords: ‘Greater Things Will Be Accomplished In The Future!’

Personally, I have a long term perspective about smartcoin, and remain steadfast always in my optimism for the future of smartcoin, and I hope that you also have that kind of commitment with smartcoin too.

Good day


Below, are some links to posts about the Smartcoin Avatar Design Contest:

and here is a link to the Smartcoin Forum:


Picture of the Smart coin Avatar Design Contest Entries

 Picture Of The Smart Coin Avatar Design Contest Entries

Here is a picture I put together of the entries in the smartcoin avatar design contest.

Use the link below to view the picture and then zoom in to see it full size:

Or you can click the picture below to go to the same page and once again zoom in by clicking on the drawing,  to see it in full size:

Bitcointalk Avatar
Picture of the entries in the Smart Coin Avatar Design Contest


smart coin avatar design contest thread at bitcointalk

The Smartcoin Avatar Design Contest. April 22 to May 14, 2015


The Smartcoin Avatar Design Contest. April 22 to May 14, 2015

The Smartcoin Avatar Design Contest has expanded and is now at four different crypto coin forums.
Smartcoin Avatar Design Contest at

Smartcoin Avatar Design Contest at

Smartcoin Avatar Design Contest at

Smartcoin Avatar Design Contest at bitcointalk

Hello everyone, as usual it has been a long time in between posts at
Today I am happy to announce the Smartcoin Avatar Design Contest
The contest started on April 22, and entries are accepted until 12 noon on May 14, 2015.

There is a total of 14,250 smartcoins to be paid out in the contest, but that amount might go up by may 14, 2015, if there is more smartcoin contributions to the contest.

Smartcoin Contributions for this contest are accepted at this smartcoin address below(thank you):

There are two main payouts, each paying 5000+ smartcoins to the pics judged to be the ‘best’.

1- 120×80 pic is paying 5000+ smartcoins

2- 40×80 pic is paying 5000+ smartcoins

But, All entrants will be paid somewhat of smartcoins, and so far there is 4250 smartcoins to pay to the rest of the entrants, just for entering.

The Contest Is Now At Four Different Cryptocoin Forums

It was originally intended for the smartcoin avatar design contest to be strictly on one thread at
in the Altcoins>Marketplace forum, but I decided recently to expand the contest, and now the contest also has a thread at and and  too.
I/we will be watching all those threads on these forums.

Once again, please make sure to put your smartcoin address in your entry post,  so I know where to send the smartcoins to.
Thank you all very much for your entries in the Smartcoin Avatar Design Contest

Good day


Picture at netcoin cryptomunity forumNetcoin_cryptomunity

This is a picture of the BitcoinGarden twitter profile:


Below, is a picture from the banner at


The New Smartcoin SMC Wallet

Smartcoin, The Currency Of A Smart World
The New Smartcoin SMC Wallet Is Looking Good


After downloading, then unzipping the new windows version of smartcoin from
I then double-clicked on the smartcoin-qt.exe file, and I was pleasantly surprised to see a new smartcoin splash-screen.

Here is a picture of the Smartcoin SMC wallet’s Splashscreen:Smartcoin SMC Wallet Splash-Screen

The splash-screen only showed for a brief time, and then I was looking at the new smartcoin wallet.

Here is a picture of the new Smartcoin wallet:Smartcoin SMC Wallet

Congratulations to psionin, developer of smartcoin, on the successful new Smartcoin wallet release.
Fireworks, Celebration, Congratulations

Congratulatory handshake to psionin, developer of Smartcoin,  for all his work he does for Smartcoin
Congratulations to psionin, developer of Smartcoin for his hard work

Useful Smartcoin SMC information below:

Smartcoin Thread at the forum:

Smartcoin website:
Alternate smartcoin website:

Block explorer:


Smartcoin Mining Pools:

Smartcoin – Thinking of Starting A Smart or Smartcoin Business

Thinking of starting a ‘Smart’ or ‘Smartcoin’ business?

Here are some ideas:

Smart Advertising Service
Smart IT
Smart Engineering
Smart Crypto Finance
Smart Jobs
Smart Electronics

Rearranging the smart and coin:

Smartcoin Advertising Service
Smartcoin IT
Smartcoin Engineering
Smartcoin Crypto Finance
Smartcoin Jobs
Smartcoin Electronics

And another arrangement:

Smart Advertising Services by Smartcoin
Smart IT by Smartcoin
Smart Engineering by Smartcoin
Smart Crypto Finance by Smartcoin
Smart Jobs by Smartcoin
Smart Electronics by Smartcoin

Helpful smartcoin links below:

Smartcoin Main Websitethis website will help you to download the smartcoin wallet

Smartcoin main thread at

Smartcoin Advertising Services thread at

Smartcoin – perhaps one of the most undervalued coins at cryptsy currently

Apparently, the original creator of smartcoin decided to quit working for smartcoin,

and then people sold their smartcoins and the price of smartcoins went down on the exchanges.

But, the old saying ‘someone elses loss, is someone elses gain’ may be true with smartcoin.

The low priced smartcoins gives investors the chance to buy in cheap, and help

to rebuild the smartcoin community, and by doing so, there ought to be increases

in the price of smartcoins on the exchanges, and people who do that will

get some nice profits I think.

Smartcoin has recently been trading at under 100 satoshi per coin,

which is way low priced, with only 24.5 million smartcoins all-time,

Smartcoin could easily be trading 10x to 100x that price, and float

there on a regular basis.

So, this may be a great opportunity to get in really cheap, and make 10x or more your investment.

I see that smartcoin has a really good name for the coin, and that can make for

some really good opportunities for smartcoin, if everything aligns well, and

smartcoin continues to have a talented dev working for smartcoin,

and it seems that psionin(the current dev of smartcoin) is talented.

Smartcoin is traded at with the ticker symbol of SMC

For information about Smartcoin or to download the smartcoin wallet,

there is the main smartcoin website at:

Below, is the smartcoin main thread at

I have copied and pasted the Original Post from Psionin(dev) at bitcointalk, from the smartcoin main-thread,

for anyone who is interested below:


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July 03, 2014, 09:45:41 AM

Countdown to SmartCoinX11

About 3 days remain until the X11 fork. If you have not updated
to 0.9, please do so as soon as possible.  –July 20

X11 mining has been successfully tested and is scheduled to start on
July 24, 2014 at 00:00 UTC. Included with this change is a block subsidy
reduction to 16 coins per block and a block spacing time increase to
2 minutes. The repository code has been updated and a new Windows
wallet can be downloaded here. –July 15

Testing is currently in progress for the X11 fork.  –July 14

A new client has been released, which includes about a year of Litecoin
code updates, resulting in much better performance and stability. Included
is an update to Qt version 5, network protocol changes, and more. A unique
ECSDA key has been added to the source, and a DNS seeder set up to
resolve the reported sync issues. Please note that the version number
has been reset to a lower value so that it can be incremented correctly.
This non mandatory update can be downloaded here.  –July 5

An updated client is scheduled for release in the near future, which would
have the recent Litecoin code, a switch to the X11 mining algorithm, DNS
seed updates, and other miscellaneous changes. SmartCoin has successfully
launched in February, has gone through a fork and a post launch period,
and is currently under continuous development. Thank you to everyone who
has supported SmartCoin thus far! Please stay tuned and check back here
for more info.  –July 3

Original thread:
Post-fork thread:
Current thread:

Source code:
Windows wallet:
Mac wallet:

Main website:
Alternate website:

Block explorer:
2nd explorer:





PoW Algorithm: Scrypt / X11 after July 24
Block Interval: 40 seconds / 2 minutes after July 24
Difficulty Retarget: every block (Digishield)
Total Coins: ~24.5 million

Block 1: 400,000 SMC
Block 2 – 999: 1 SMC
Block 1000 – 199,999: 64 SMC
Block 200,000 – 299,999: 32 SMC
Block 300,000 – 562,799: 16 SMC
Block 562,800 – 825,599: 8 SMC
Block 825,600 – 1,088,399: 4 SMC
Block 1,088,400 – 1,351,199: 2 SMC
Block 1,351,199 – 1,613,999: 1 SMC

Coin subsidy halves every year after block 300,000.