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Like This Tweet How To Follow Everyone Who Likes This Tweet

Like This Tweet

How To Follow People Who Like This Tweet

1- Hover your mouse cursor over top of This Tweet


2- Left Click Once, and a closeup of This Tweet will be displayed to you
(this is also called the ‘status’ window)


3- Hover your mouse over the ‘Likes’ word link
in the closeup ‘status’ window, you can see the ‘Likes’ wordlike_this_tweet_2a_zpsftmiuygh

4- Click on that ‘Likes’ word in the closeup status window,
and a new window pops up, it has the list of people who like this tweet,
with a scroll bar on the right so you can scroll down and see all of themlike_this_tweet_3_zpsya965r1d

5- Hover your mouse over the follow button, and click to follow someone in the listlike_this_tweet_3a_zpsyxrnvbiu

6- Use the scroll bar to scroll through the list of people who Liked This Tweet


Now you know how to follow everyone who Likes This Tweet