Netcoin Tops the leaderboards at

Netcoin Amazes by Rocketing to the Top of the Leaderboards At  – Feb 18-19, 2015

Netcoin picture


(It is a little hard to read the above image, but you can click and view the image on a different page to see more clearly the netcoin on top at cryptsy)

On February 18, 2015, Netcoin was in the number 1 position on the leaderboards at but the image above is from February 19, 2015, still showing Netcoin in 2nd place on the leaderboards.

Not much to say, Netcoins rise does all the speaking, and with continued optimism, hard work and support, especially from the netcoin foundation, who knows what netcoin might accomplish in the future.

Below are a couple of links, if you want to find out more about netcoin, and have a little time to spare to do some reading:  This page will show you some exciting stuff about netcoin and the netcoin foundation. Note: you will need a netcoin wallet if you want to buy some netcoins  This is the netcoin forum, people can join and participate, ask questions and have fun posting

To Buy Netcoins:  – is a big cryptocoin exchange where you can buy netcoins, look for the ticker symbol NET


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