Netcoin has a page at cryptsy’s wiki at


Netcoin now has a page at cryptsy’s wiki at

I thought it was a good idea, to put that same info onto this blog here at and then we can refer to this if the Netcoin page at cryptsy’s wiki gets corrupted somehow. Below is the same html code from that page, copied on january 25, 2014:




== Basic Info ==
|launched=September 02, 2013
|by=Netcoin Foundation
* Official NetCoin Forum:
|speed=60 seconds
|retarget=Every 60 blocks (or 60 minutes)
|reward=1024 coins per block, and a random super block each hour that has 8X the normal payout

(8096 coins)
|reduction=The payout will be halved every 3 months (129,600 blocks)
|fee=zero to 0.01 NTC per transaction


== Summary ==
Netcoin is a Scrypt type crypto currency, similar to Litecoin, that features a Super block every

hour equal to 8 times the regular blocks.

== Websites ==
Main Site:

=== Wallets ===
* Paper Wallet: netcoinfounda

=== Exchanges ===
* Cryptsy Exchange BTC Market:
* Cryptsy Exchange LTC Market:
* Cryptsy Exchange XPM Market:
* Bter Exchange BTC Market:
* Bter Exchange LTC Market:
* Bter Exchange CNY Market:
* Coins-E Exchange BTC Market: coins-

=== Explorers ===
* NetCoin Block Explorer:

=== Pools ===
* Small Time Miner:
* iCalcul8:
* Bitcoop:
* DedicatedPool:
* Prominer:

=== Forums ===
* Official NetCoin Forum:
* CryptoCoinTalk:

=== Social ===

=== Games ===
* Casino:
* Netcoin Lottery:
* 16BitBet:

* Altcoin Dice:
* Coin Bomb:









**Netcoin, in partnership with enables merchants to receive netcoin payments at their website**

Also, when you become a merchant that accepts netcoin payments, then you can

chose a ‘Netcoin Accepted Here’ ad to let people know on your website that you accept netcoins.

Above, and Below are some examples of some NETCOIN ACCEPTED HERE ads:


I know, I know, the html tags are showing(yuk). And the size of the table is incorrect when I copied into wordpress(yuk again). I will likely try to make this look better, but for now I don’t feel like it. Patience pleassse..


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